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1 Chronicles Rules & Order

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Rules & Order

God must have order. They're not called The Ten Suggestions; they're The Rules for Life. The Chronicler believes that David's reign is all about establishing order. He's the divinely appointed ruler and he works hard to make sure that all God's laws are followed. He brings the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem and starts plans for the Temple, but in a totally orderly way. Part of his success as king is that he's a master administrator. He appoints people for every job and duty, so everyone has a place. Even genealogies are about order. Why are rules such a big deal? Well, the penalties for disobeying God are pretty harsh. Just ask Uzzah.

Questions About Rules & Order

  1. Every society needs rules and order. How does David use God's laws to unite Israel?
  2. Does it make sense to appoint people to jobs based on their family line? What if you really wanted to be a dancer, but David made you a gatekeeper?
  3. Is there power in saying that certain rules are from God? Can this be abused, too?

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