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The Shunnamite Woman (and Her Son) in 2 Kings

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The Shunnamite Woman (and Her Son)

This devoted woman receives help from Elisha in many ways. In return for building him a room, he blesses her with a son. When the son dies, Elisha goes through great pains to resurrect him from the dead. She's also the subject of a miraculous coincidence, where she walks into the king's court with her son, just as Elisha's servant Gehazi is telling the king about how Elisha resurrected her son from the dead. This helps her to get her property back, which she had lost while fleeing a famine (as Elisha had advised her to do).

Other than that brief outline, there's not too much to say, aside from that fact that she's extraordinarily devoted and goes through great pains to save her son. She's definitely an admirable figure.

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