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Freud was very into cocaine as a 1920s Prozac and endorsed it for dulling the senses and inducing all-around good times. Now, in his day, people didn't know about the seedy underbelly of cocaine, so it showed up in everything from soda pop to throat lozenges. Eventually people got really down on him about his own cocaine use, though, thinking cast a negative light on his talents as a psychoanalyst. (Source.)

"The Freud Wars" raged on long after Freud's death. Scholars just couldn't get on the same page about whether he was practicing real science, a literary study of human behavior, or just a bunch of claptrap. (Source.)

Ah yes, "The Minna Matter." That Jung! He gossiped that Freud had an affair with his sister-in-law, Minna Bernays. (Source.)

Some have accused Freud of manipulating facts to match his grand theories. To which he would probably say, no one's perfect! (Source.)

That E.M. Thornton was a real troublemaker for ol' Sigmund. In his book (The Freudian Fallacy—previously entitled Freud and Cocaine), he alleged that Freud masterminded a plot to murder Wilhelm Fliess because he was high.

Freud escaped from the Nazis by the hair of his chinny chin chin. He then went to London to resume his practice. (Source.)

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