Subject-Verb Agreement

Subjects must agree with their verbs in number.


Feeling like grammar is never straightforward? Subject-verb agreement is here to cut you some slack. (Enjoy the sweet simplicity while it lasts.)

Simple, right? Singular nouns take singular verbs. Plural nouns take plural verbs.


Now, just like any other grammar concern, subject-verb agreement isn't without its tips, tricks, and caveats. And so, it is with great fanfare that we present what we're calling Special Topics in Subject-Verb Agreement, starring (drumroll, please):

- The "One –S" Rule
- Compound subjects that use and
- Compound subjects that use or/nor
- I and You
- Measurements
- Here and There
- None

Grab your popcorn, Shmooper, and sit back, relax (okay, don't relax too much), and learn more about subject-verb agreement.

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