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2 Chronicles Traditions and Customs

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Traditions and Customs

Tradition! It's not just a catchy song from Fiddler on the Roof. For the people in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, it's the key to survival. The Chronicler wants to make sure that all the laws of Moses (from way back in the first five books of the Bible) are being followed on a daily basis. He also has a more recent role model in mind. If King David did it, then it's a custom worth keeping. One of the reasons God decides to give the kingship of Judah to David's descendants is that David keeps all the laws of Moses. Not all his descendants were so conscientious; plenty of them turned to the newer and cooler traditions of the surrounding tribes—you know, child sacrifice and nature worship. But for the Chronicler, the past was the key to a successful future. Everything old is new again.

Questions About Traditions and Customs

  1. Why does the Chronicler think the old ways are good ways? Does he embrace any new ideas and reforms?
  2. The Temple is clearly the focus of this book's obsession with laws and traditions. Why does God's house need to be cared for in such a traditional way?
  3. How is the Northern Kingdom of Israel bucking tradition? Why is this such a terrible thing?

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