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Uriah in 2 Samuel

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Poor Uriah guy gets a really raw deal. Plenty of people wind up getting unfairly attacked, injured, or killed in 2 Samuel: Tamar, Amasa, Ishbaal, and others. But Uriah, a non-Jew and a Hittite, gets the fuzziest end of all the lollipops.

Uriah's a good guy. He's loyal to David, while David is supremely disloyal to him. When he stays at David's house while visiting from the battlefield, he refuses to return to his own home to see his wife Bathsheba (whom David has already seduced) since he thinks it would be unfair to the other soldiers who aren't able to do the same thing. It's a noble perspective. Yet Uriah is betrayed and ultimately murdered by David.

Bummer, dude.

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