Verbs are words that express action or state of being. A grammatically complete and thoroughly awesome sentence always has at least one verb in it.

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In one strip of Calvin and Hobbes, the creepily eloquent little boy Calvin and his even more creepily eloquent stuffed tiger are walking in the woods.
"I like to verb words,"says Calvin. After explaining what he means, he says "Verbing words weirds language."
We do not condone verbing words…or weirding language. Especially in English class. If you want to weird language, go talk to Gertrude Stein. In this section, we're about making language less weird—but no less fun.
Verbs have different types, forms, moods, and tenses, and, just like your great-grandpa, they can even be irregular. Journey further into Verblandia to fill your noggin with information about each of 'em.


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